• Enjoy A Drinking Experience With Craft Beer On Draft At CPI Call Shop & Craft Beer Cafe

    The Philippines is a beer drinking country but let's face it, the beer scene in the Philippines is, well, generally about as bad as it can get. Whe...
  • Suppa Fly IPA From Elias Wicked Ales Now On Tap At CPI

    We are proud to have one of the Philippines finest artisanal breweries in the house. From Elias Wicked Ales & Spirits in Quezon City, the Supp...
  • FAQ #1

    "I already call around the world for free using Messenger, WhatsApp, & Viber. Why do I need one of these cards which costs money?"
  • World Call; The Calling Card To Call The World

    If you call a lot of different countries around the world, then World Call is the card for you. P2.5 per minute to over 100 countries!
  • How To Download And Use The Yourdialer App

    With the Yourdialer App, we get your calling any telephone worldwide at absolute rock bottoms rates. It's easy to use and free to download.
  • CPI Prepaid Internet Calling Cards FAQ's

    All your questions answered, so you can get calling for cheap in minutes.