FAQ #1

Here's the first in our series of Frequently Asked Questions to get you calling for cheap with CPI Call Shop's Prepaid Internet Calling Cards. 

❓"I already call around the world for free using Messenger, WhatsApp, & Viber. Why do I need one of these cards?"

☎️Answer: That’s a great question. Yes, it’s true, all those calling apps are terrific services that allow you to call anyone around the world for free. Except there’s one problem. With Messenger, What's App & Viber, both parties need to be using the same app. You can’t call a bank landline telephone via Messenger. You can’t call a government office phone overseas on WhatsApp. You can’t call your mother’s home phone number in the US with Viber. With CPI Call Shop’s Prepaid Internet Calling Cards, you can do all that, and more!

We specialize in calling actual telephones anywhere in the world. Only you, as the caller, need to have internet. The person you’re calling does not need the Yourdialerapp, nor do they even need to be online. They simply need to have a telephone, whether landline or mobile phone.

This can be invaluable when you need to call your bank, a hospital, an insurance company, a travel agent, a government office. You will also find our service invaluable if you are traveling in a foreign country and need to call a telephone back home or in another country. If you called back home using your cel provider’s roaming service, you will surely be charged an arm and a leg to make that call. With CPI’s Prepaid Internet Calling Cards, the price per minute are insanely low, and always stays the same, no matter where you are.

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