Craft Beer On Draft At CPI

If you consider yourself a beer drinker, it’s no secret that the beer scene in the Philippines is, well, generally about as bad as it can get.  Not that we all haven’t had many a good times with those ubiquitous brown bottles and their similar siblings over the years. It’s just that when one company controls 99.9% of any market, then that market is guaranteed to be 100% BORING.

Drinking beer should never be boring. That’s a mortal sin, to be honest. Beer is one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity so we owe it to ourselves to always make it an amazing experience, and not settle for the same old same old.

At CPI Call Shop & Craft Beer Café we offer a true beer drinking experience that is second to none in the entire Philippines. At CPI you’ll have your choice of six different craft beers and hard ciders on draft direct from the Philippines’ finest micro-breweries. You can choose from the latest IPAs, Pale Ales, Lagers and Pilsners, and even hard ciders, all locally hand made in small batches by craftsmen and women from around the country. Occasionally we are able to offer a stout or porter, a bitter ale, or other special varieties that our favorite brewers come up with.

One of our favorite breweries is the Crazy Carabao Brewing Company out of Sta. Rosa, Laguna. We regularly feature CCB’s IPA which many feel is the finest IPA in the country at the moment. At 6.5% ABV it definitely packs a punch, but of course, it’s the quality behind that punch that gives it such a smooth finish and hit. You will be smiling ear to ear after a few CCB IPA’s.

CCB also brews an extremely fine craft pilsner beer which we also carry regularly. Compare the taste to that famous pilsner in the brown bottle and you will instantly know you are drinking a high quality craft beer, not a mass produced one.

We also feature beers on rotation from Sunset Craft Brewery, based out of Angeles City. We love supporting the local beer scene but that’s not the main reason we carry Sunset’s beers. Simply put, Sunset Craft Brewery produces some of the finest all-around craft beers that are brimming with deliciousness. Try their Loggerhead Pacifica IPA, and the Rumble in the Jungle Pale Ale, or the Blonde Ale. With Sunset’s flavor packed options, you will not be disappointed.

One of our favorites is the Elias Hard Cider on tap, indeed a rare treat for serious drinkers. Hard Ciders are an English tradition made from fermented fruits such as Apple and Peach. Elias brewery from Manila produces small batch cider from locally sourced Philippine fruits. Currently we carry Guyabano Hard Cider on tap. At 7% ABV it really packs a punch. But trust us, this hard cider is so juicy you can hardly taste the strong alcohol.

We also carry a Central Luzon's largest selection of Philippine-made craft beer in bottles and cans. Our beverage chiller is absolutely over flowing with the finest craft beer from breweries throughout the Philippines, and even some imported beers and ciders. You can enjoy these in house or take them home with you to get the party started. You can even order from our online store and have cold craft beer delivered to your door within 45 minutes.  We accept Cash On Delivery.  

So the next time you are looking for fun but want to try something different than the usual stuff, pay us a visit and try some Philippine made craft beer on draft. We’ve got great food and an amazing soundtrack to make it an experience like no other. And you will finally be able to say your beer drinking session was something extraordinary, not ordinary.