Print, Scan, Xerox, Fiber Internet, Etc

Need to print some documents? How about a quick scan or a Xerox? Or sending and receiving a fax? Perhaps you’d like to print out some photos on nice glossy photo paper.

At Cpi Call Shop  getting your important business done is easy and cheap. We have everything you need for you to take care of business, and you can be on your way in no time, and still have plenty of left over change in your pocket to enjoy the rest of your day.

Printing on our workhorse Brother printer starts at P6 per page for black text. Xerox on our new Kyocera copier costs P3 for short bond paper, P4 for legal size. Scan’s cost just P15 per page.

We offer the best fax services in the Philippines, hands down. You can send a fax to any country worldwide for just P75 per page.* No per minute charges. No charging you if the page doesn’t go through. You only pay if your page is confirmed successful by our service provider. Confirmations usually only take a few minutes. And then you are on your way.

CPI also offers you the use of our US fax number. If you’d like to receive a fax from anywhere in the world here in Angeles City, just tell the person to send it to this US number: 1-707-676-8087. (1 is the country code.)  We will receive the fax right away, and print it out at your request. The cost to receive a fax is P75 per page. 

We also offer discounts for bulk printing, scan and fax.  If you’d like more information on discounts or any of our business services, please see our contact information below. 

*Note: Faxes to Philippine numbers will be charged at P125 per page. This is due to the fact that most fax machines in the Philippines are old and very slow. 

How to Contact CPI Call Shop

Email: hello@cpicallshop

Smart: +639213587373
Globe: +639162120544
You can also use our Globe number to reach us on What’s App.

You can also reach us through the following:

Facebook on Messenger at

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