Welcome to CPI Call Shop & Craft Beer Cafe, Angeles City’s Coolest Cafe

CPI Call Shop & Craft Beer Cafe is a combination world class business center with full business services, and a super cozy cafe and craft beer lounge, offering amazingly delicious food and drinks, including 6 taps of Philippine craft beer on draft, all at very reasonable prices. 2022 marks our 18th year serving the Angeles City community.

We are located at the Hotel Euro Asia, right on Don Juico Ave, Malabanias, Angeles City, just past the America Hotel. It’s a great little spot and we have all the great services and food that you’ve come to expect from the one and only CPI Call Shop. We are open 8am-1am Sun-Thurs, 8am-2am Fri-Sat. 

We became famous for our amazingly cheap and quality international phone calls when we set up the very first Call Shop in the Philippines in 2003 on First St. in Angeles City. Times and technology have certainly changed since then but the savings you get at CPI remain.  You can still call worldwide in one of our two red telephone boxes for just P5 per minute! The lines are crystal clear and the savings are amazing. Our rates to landlines and mobiles to any country on the globe are downright cheap. Next time you pick up your mobile to call overseas, remember how much you will be charged and how much you can save by stopping by CPI Call Shop. There simply is no other place in Angeles City where you can make cheap and high quality overseas calls to so many countries.

We know that many of you now have smartphones and have your own internet so we’ve adapted to that too. If you have a smartphone try our World Call Prepaid International Calling Card. It’s like having our world class phone service right in your pocket. Call to any telephone in the world, so long as you have internet, for as little as P2.5 per minute. World Call works anywhere in the world and comes with our Free Calling App.

We also offer complete business services like scan, fax sending and receiving worldwide for just P75 per page, printing, photo printing, xerox, and more.

Enjoy all this with our incredible world class lineup of food and drink. Top of the food list is our authentic bagel menu. We bake our own New York-style bagels! Enjoy a lox and bagel sandwich, served with real Philadelphia Cream Cheese, imported Norwegian Smoked Salmon, red onion and tomato. This is a taste treat straight out of New York City and something you can only get at CPI.

We also serve delicious panini sandwiches, grilled hot and fresh right on the spot. Other popular items include our homemade vegetable lentil soup served with a crusty sourdough bread, Hungarian Sausage, Ciabatta Pizza Rolls, and maybe the best cheeseburger in Angeles City.

As for the liquid gold, at CPI we offer Craft Beer on Draft, with six taps serving up the finest craft beers sourced from the very best micro-breweries throughout the Philippines. It’s a drinking experience you can find few places in the Philippines.

At CPI Call Shop we also make our own yogurt daily. Yes that’s right, fresh and healthy, our yogurt is the real deal, no preservatives, no added sugar.  Our yogurt will astound you–tart, creamy and totally healthy. Enjoy it in a yogurt parfait like mango parfait, or strawberry parfait(fresh yogurt served with fruit and Palawan honey.) Our most popular item is the yogurt fruit bowl–a medley of fresh Philippine fruits topped with our fresh and delicious homemade yogurt, California raisins and Palawan Honey. Top it with some of our homemade granola and you’ll be in food heaven!

We also serve 8 different kinds of Philippine coffee. Try a Benguet espresso, a Sagada Arabica iced Americano, a Kalinga Mochacino. You can also buy our coffee prepacked in 500 gram and 250 gram bags and take it home to brew yourself, or give to a friend as a gift.

We have lots more food and drink that you can only find at CPI Call Shop. Combine that with our world class business services, a cool and hip vibe with awesome music, and you will find a one-of-a-kind experience that will surely wow you.

Stop on in today and see for yourself!

At the Hotel Euro Asia, next to the lobby.

Don Juico Ave.
(3 blocks up from Checkpoint, just past the America Hotel)
Angeles City, 2009

How to Contact CPI Call Shop

Email: info@cpicallshop

Smart: +639213587373
Globe: +639162120544
You can also use our Globe number to reach us on What’s App through our Globe number.

You can also reach us through the following:

Facebook on Messenger at https://www.facebook.com/CpiCallShop/

Google Hangouts at cpifax@gmail.com.

CPI also offers you the use of our US fax number. If you’d like to receive a fax from anywhere in the world here in Angeles City, just tell the person to send it to this US number: 1-707-676-8087. (1 is the country code.)  We will receive the fax right away, and print it out at your request. The cost to receive a fax is P75 per page.

We are open Sun-Thurs  8am-1am, Fri-Sat 8am-2am.

See you there!