CPI Call Shop’s international calling cards are VERY simple to use. If you can log in to your email account, –and we have no doubt you can do that in seconds—then you can also be making high qualify, low cost calls worldwide wherever you have internet. We’ve made it so, so simple for you to get calling, and saving bundles of money.   What could be finer?

Here we answer all of your questions. If you still can’t get a solution to all that ails you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have live agents ready to assist you 18 hours a day.  We have several ways you can reach us, all of which are listed at the end of these FAQS.

What is a Prepaid International Calling Card?

A Prepaid International Calling Card offers you a convenient, low cost way to make calls to any telephone in the world, both landlines and mobile phones, right from your smartphone, as long as you have an internet connection. The rates are WAY cheaper than when you call overseas with your mobile carrier.

You need four things to start making calls; a smartphone, our free downloadable calling app called Yourdialer, one of our international calling cards, and a good internet connection.  It can all be set up in minutes. Then you can call any telephone in the world wherever you are on the planet at extremely low rates. 

I already call around the world for free using Messenger, WhatsApp, & Viber. Why do I need one of these cards?"

That’s a great question. Yes, it’s true, all those calling apps are terrific services that allow you to call anyone around the world for free. Except there’s one problem. With Messenger, What's App & Viber, both parties need to be using the same app. You can’t call a bank landline telephone via Messenger. You can’t call a government office phone overseas on WhatsApp. You can’t call your mother’s home phone number in the US with Viber. With CPI Call Shop’s Prepaid International Calling Cards, you can do all that, and more!

We specialize in calling actual telephones anywhere in the world. Only you, as the caller, need to have internet. The person you’re calling does not need the Yourdialer app, nor do they even need to be online. They simply need to have a telephone, whether landline or mobile phone.

This can be invaluable when you need to call your bank, a hospital, an insurance company, a travel agent, a government office. You will also find our service invaluable if you are traveling in a foreign country and need to call a telephone back home or in another country. If you called back home using your cel provider’s roaming service, you will surely be charged an arm and a leg to make that call. With CPI’s Prepaid International Calling Cards, the prices per minute are insanely low, and always stays the same, no matter where you are.

How do I get the free app?

On your smartphone, you can download our app called “YOURDIALER” in seconds to your I-phone and your Android devices.

ForApple I-phone, download YOURDIALER” from the App Store. 

For Android, download “YOURDIALER” from the Play store. 

What do I do after downloading the YOURDIALER app?

Open up the app and follow the prompts. Allow the app to access your microphone, speaker and contacts. You will then be asked to input your username and password. Your unique username and password was given to you when you purchased CPI. Click “Login” and you are now ready to make calls.

How Do I know How Much Load I have Left On My Card?

When you input your username and password, the amount of load remaining appears on the dialer on the top right of your screen. The amount of load will be shown in Euros. You must have load to make calls. If you run out of load, you can no longer make calls.

How Do I Make Calls?

You simply dial the country code, then the city or area code, and then the  rest of the number. You then push the telephone icon and you will be connected. There is no need to dial 00 before dialing the number.

The YOURDIALER app keeps a history of your previous calls, so if you want to call a previously called number, just click the ‘history’ icon. Select the number you want to call and the app will dial it for you. 

What Do I Do If I Don’t Have Wifi?

You must have an Internet connection to make calls.

For Smartphones and portable WIFI devices, you can connect to the Internet in two ways. One is through your phone’s WIFI connection.

If you don’t have WIFI where you are, you’ll need to open up your phone’s cellular data connection. Remember you must have load on your SIM in order to connect to the Internet via data or you must be on postpaid. Also data transmission charges may apply if you are on prepaid with your service provider. 

The beauty of using the data connection to get Internet and make calls is that you can literally be anywhere where there’s a cel signal–which means most places these days–and you can make amazingly crystal clear calls all over the world.

You Mean I’m Not Calling Through My Globe or Smart Sim?

Exactly. If you’re using 3G you are just paying for the Internet time(unless you have an unlimited plan.) If you have WIFI your sim card is completely irrelevant. Once you are connected to the Internet, you just open up the app on your phone and start dialing. You are now being charged the low, low rates that come with your CPI Call Shop Prepaid Internet Calling Card, not your phone provider’s rates, which are much much higher.

Are CPI Call Shop Rates Really That Much Better Than Globe, Smart or Sun?

It’s not even close. With CPI Call Shop’s Prepaid International Calling Cards, you’ll save bundles of cash compared to calling overseas with your regular phone service provider.  We offer rates that simply blow away the competition.

My Internet Connection Is Not That Strong At My House. Will This Affect The Quality Of My Calls?

Yes. These are Internet Calling Cards and a good solid internet connection is a must in order to make clear calls.  Call quality may be affected by a poor internet connection.

Can I Use the World Call Prepaid Internet Calling Card Only In The Philippines Or Anywhere?

Anywhere in the world!  World Call can be used wherever you have an Internet connection. They are priced in Philippine Pesos, but they work worldwide! 

Can I Reload My Account When I Run Out Of Load?

Yes you can. And you can load any amount you wish. We accept Gcash, Paypal, bank deposit, or you can drop the money off at our shop in Angeles City. We just need the username on your account. Once we receive the money, we will credit your account right away.

Of course, you can always purchase a new card. 

How Do I Purchase CPI Call Shop’s World Call Prepaid Internet Calling Cards?

CPI Prepaid International Calling Cards are available at our shop in Angeles City or through on our online store. The purchase is completely automated. If you don’t have a credit card, you can purchase using Gcash, Paypal, or credit card. We have agents standing by to assist you in your purchase.

Still have more questions regarding CPI’s Prepaid International Calling Cards? Contact us. We have live agents standing by to assist you.

You can also reach us through the following:

Facebook on Messenger at https://www.facebook.com/CpiCallShop/

Google Hangouts at cpifax@gmail.com.

Email: hello@cpicallshop, cpifax@gmail.com

Smart: +639213587373, +639283027838
Globe: +639162120544
You can also use our Globe number to reach us on What’s App .