Lox & Bagel Sandwich

Lox and Bagels…if you’re from New York or the northeastern United States…hearing those words brings on orgasmic-like culinary emotions that are just too great to resist.

At CPI Call Shop & Craft Beer Cafe, we bring the classic taste of New York to Angeles City with our Lox & Bagel sandwich. We start with a fresh homemade New York-style bagel. That's right, we bake our own New York style bagels.(Yes they are boiled before baking and have that perfect chewy and light texture.) Choose from plain, sesame seed, garlic, onion, everything-bagel, cinnamon raisin, or poppy seed. 

First we toast your bagel to perfection. We then take a healthy portion of real Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese(the world’s finest cream cheese) and smear it on the hot bagel. We top that with a sliced red onion and fresh tomato. Then we put on a generous portion of succulent lox (Norwegian Smoked Salmon) and complete the sandwich with the top of the bagel.

If you’re familiar with bagels you will absolutely love this sandwich. If you’ve never tried the bagel sandwich before, stop on in at CPI Call Shop and give it a go. Trust us…this is comfort food at its very best, a taste treat you will not find anywhere else in Angeles City, nor too many places in the Philippines for that matter.

The Lox and Bagel Sandwich is now available for just P175. Add a Café Americano coffee for just P40 extra, a savings of P30. (And you get to choose  one of eight varieties of Philippine coffee.)   Now that’s a meal deal!

You can also order your bagel with butter, or just the cream cheese, or even with cream cheese and jam. 

Enjoy your Lox and Bagel Sandwich while surfing our superfast Fiber Optic Internet, or while calling overseas for just P5 per minute in one of our authentic British Red Telephone boxes.  The Lox and Bagel Sandwich is also available for takeout.

So stop on in at the Philippines’ most unique business café, CPI Call Shop, for a taste treat you won’t find anywhere else: Lox and Bagels!

You can also order our freshly baked New York style bagels for delivery. We bake bagels weekly. Contact us to place your order and we will deliver your bagels right out of the oven and straight to your door.