CPI Homemade Yogurt

Say hello to a few scoops of pure heaven!

At CPI Call Shop we make our yogurt fresh daily. This is the yogurt of your dreams; tart, thick, fresh and literally bursting with life, 100% all natural with no preservatives, additives, or sugar. Just good old fashioned healthy plain yogurt. 

We've perfected the art of making real yogurt. The yogurt we sell today is a strain that has actually been alive for almost ten years! That's proof that our yogurt is truly alive and bursting with goodness.

We’ve come up with several ways you can enjoy our amazing fresh yogurt. Try our Yogurt With Mixed Fruits, an assortment of five fresh fruits topped with our delicious Homemade Yogurt, Palawan Honey and California Raisins.  For just P160, this is the perfect way to get your day going.

We also offer the CPI Yogurt Parfait.  The parfait comes with a heaping serving of our fresh yogurt. You can order it plain with Palawan honey, or with your choice of one fresh fruit or preserve such as banana, pineapple, strawberry, blueberry, mango and red raspberry, and then topped with Aurora honey.  You can also top it off with a serving of CPI Call Shop’s freshly made granola.(That’s right, we make our won granola.)

Clearly this is healthy eating at its downright delicious best. What could be finer?  So visit CPI Call Shop & Craft Beer Café in Angeles City today and try our latest offering; fresh and delicious homemade yogurt. Combine with a homemade toasted New York-style bagel topped with Philadelphia Cream Cheese, a cup of freshly brewed Philippine coffee while you surf our blazing fast internet and make dirt-cheap overseas calls.

You can also order all our yogurt parfaits on Grab or message us directly to buy and arrange delivery.